Туалет и гигиена средневековие касл мен History
Hygiene and toilets in a medieval castle
It’s time to talk about what medieval hygiene is and how toilets were arranged in a medieval castle.
бойницы и машикули castle men History
Loopholes and mashikuli of the medieval castle
To fight the enemy, holes were made in the walls and towers of the castle – loopholes, and sometimes
Ворота замка средневековье castle men History
A gate and barbican at a medieval castle
The gate has always been a vulnerable gate of the castle (and sometimes you can hear their special name –
как устраивали стены и башни средневекового замка castle men History
Walls and towers of a medieval castle
In the first fortresses, the castle walls did not have additional protection and towers were soon invented.
В центре средневекового замка всегда возвышался донжон. Это самая большая и самая высокая башня. Можно сказать, что это мини крепость внутри крепости. каслмен History
Donjon and the citadel of a medieval castle
In the center of a medieval castle there was always a donjon (not a citadel, these are different things).
Как строились первые средневековые замки castle men History
How first medieval castles were built
Here you can find a rosary answer to how the first medieval castles were built. Castles became widespread
Зачем строили средневековые замки castle men History
Why medieval castles were built
Here we will tell you about the reasons for the construction of medieval castles and what their purpose is.
как далеко стреляет средневековый лук замок History
How Far A Medieval Bow Shoots
Sometimes the question arises, how far the bow shoots. Now we will try to answer it. The bow is one of
Что пили люди напитки в средневековье History
What people drank in the Middle Ages in Europe
In this article we will try to tell you what drinks were drunk in the Middle Ages in Europe.