Medieval castle project

Проект средневекового замка, бизнес-план средневекового замка, консультирование по средневековым замкам, проекно-сметная документация касл мэн castle men

As part of the implementation of the project, our specialists have gained significant experience in collecting and accumulating information on the appearance and features of the design and structure of medieval castles.

As a result, we can offer consulting and design services for medieval castles and castle buildings, built both in accordance with authentic technologies and using modern materials, while maintaining medieval design solutions. These architectural solutions can be used both in the construction of movie sets and in the construction of tourist facilities.

We are currently starting a project to build the medieval castle (Minsk region). If you would like to participate in the construction and development of the castle, please contact us:

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How can we help you with the construction of a medieval castle?

As part of our consulting services, we are ready to help in the following areas:

  • create a project of a medieval castle depending on the period:
    • project of a castle from the Early Middle Ages
    • project of a castle from the High Middle Ages
    • project of a castle from the Late Middle Ages
  • create a project for a medieval castle depending on local architectural features:
    • English medieval castle project
    • French medieval castle project
    • German medieval castle project
    • Italian medieval castle project
    • Arabian medieval castle project
    • project of a Russian medieval castle
    • unique project of a medieval castle
  • create design and estimate documentation
  • create a business plan for a medieval castle and a financial model
  • advise on the choice of location for the construction of a castle
  • advise on the choice of materials for castle construction
    • stone castle (various types)
    • wooden castle
    • plinth castle
    • brick castle
  • advise on the choice of type of masonry depending on historical affiliation
  • advise on issues of giving the castle a historical appearance
  • advise on the issue of medieval buildings located outside the castle
  • advise on the construction of a medieval church or castel
  • exercise control over the progress of construction of the castle from the point of view of historical accuracy, etc.

We hope that you can get the best possible medieval castle design and build the medieval castle of your dreams.