Hygiene and toilets in a medieval castle

Туалет и гигиена средневековие касл мен

It’s time to talk about what medieval hygiene is and how toilets were arranged in a medieval castle.

Have you ever thought about the sewage system in a medieval castle? After all, such a number of people had to somewhere to dispose of the waste of their life.

The medieval castle was not the best place to live. European castles and their inhabitants were rather filthy. The floors and beds were often covered with straw for cleanliness, which was then quickly changed. However, the problem was that the straw attracted parasites.

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Examining the walls of ancient castles, one can sometimes see such small protrusions the size of a cabinet, with a hole similar to mashiculi. These are castle toilets – wardrobes. A latrine was set up in a small room, and sewage flowed down a special trough or just down the wall directly into the castle moat. Most often, the exit to the wardrobe was located next to the master’s bedroom.

Medieval toilet

Instead of toilet paper, moss was used, which was thrown into the hole. But the latrine was scented with dry herbs, which at the same time protected the room from flies. At the same time, in rich houses, toilet seats were in chambers adjacent to the bedrooms.

At the same time, medieval people did not limit themselves to special rules of behavior in connection with the sending of natural needs. It is now considered indecent to release intestinal gas loudly. In the Middle Ages, things were a little different. For example, even kings and princes did not hesitate to fart in public.

Now you know what hygiene and toilets were like in a medieval castle. Look for even more interesting facts about the Middle Ages on our website.