Why medieval castles were built

Зачем строили средневековые замки castle men

Here we will tell you about the reasons for the construction of medieval castles and what their purpose is.

The appearance of medieval castles is associated with the military revolution. This revolution took place at the beginning of the era that followed the fall of ancient Rome. The huge foot armies of the past have been transformed into a small number of cavalry troops. The fragmented principalities simply did not have enough money for large armies, and it was much easier to arm a small detachment well. The territory had to be kept under control. It was the solution to this problem that the active construction of fortified points, in which the feudal lord and his small army usually lived, became.

Over time, the fortifications turned into protected castles. They could be held with small forces. Of course, they could hide in them in case of war. Castles served as political centers where feudal lords and aristocrats lived. It was there that all taxes flowed. In addition, all the most important events that determine the course of the history of a particular region took place there.

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In Western Europe, castles, as exactly the dwellings of noble feudal lords, began to appear en masse from the beginning of the 10th century. A castle is primarily a building or a complex of buildings that combine residential and defensive tasks. And the defense could best be ensured through the construction of fortifications. Therefore, castles soon spread throughout Europe. In our part of the world, archaeologists often find traces of very similar fortifications.

However, at the dawn of their spread, castles were modest and not like those majestic stone structures that we are familiar with from books and films. The early castles were practical, no one was chasing beauty. At the same time, their simplicity made it possible to build locks easily and simply. A couple of dozen workers were enough.

Wooden medieval castle

The Middle Ages were filled with castles. However, with the advent of the New Time and the spread of artillery, they began to lose their protective function and are now becoming more of a status dwelling.

Now you know why medieval castles were built. Look for even more interesting facts about the Middle Ages on our website.